December 22nd, 2002


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I hate documentation.

I've been documenting libcppfu, and while doxygen is cool, writing docs gets boring after about the second or third class. So I'm doing it in spurts, and committing after each spurt. Things should build OK, though, regardless. I also reworked the memory management last night, so no more deriving from cppfu::object. In fact, object went away completely. You could have a ptr<int>, and cppfu wouldn't care. Once I'm done with all the docs, I'll actually install the stupid thing on deneb.

KDE broke this morning, which is really annoying. That's what I get for using CVS, though...I think a complete recompile should fix it, though.

Phoebe is in my lap, this time, which is unusual for her. She's normally the aloof one that doesn't like to be in anyone's lap except my mom's. But, my mom isn't here now, so I guess I'll have to do for the time being.
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