December 30th, 2002


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So, I was in the middle of writing this whole journal about my trip to Santa Cruz with Falcon and Dazed yesterday (well, it would be the day before by now), and my laptop decided to spontaneously reboot. That's right, with no warning whatsoever.

So, I lost the entry, and with it, any previous wisp of motivation I may have had to write it.

Sorry...but blame spica, it wasn't my fault.
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Today was actually an OK day...I spent the day with my dad getting my room cleaned out. So, now it's at least half-done, and I have a pile of stuff to take with me back to my apartment. We did a certain amount of the bonding thing...had some nice conversations about database design, life in general, and the like. While it wasn't exactly fun, I did get a good feeling from it.

So, after we decided to break for the day, I came down here and got on the computer, to check email, read LJ and do some more system updates. My mom proceeds to walk in and bitch at me about how "the family room couch is not a closet", and how she's been spending the last few days cleaning up around the house, only to have me leave my stuff piled around in the family room. My response to her was, "Yeah, and what do you think I've been doing all day?"

In a very heated tone: "Well, I know, and I appreciate that, but you still need to clean your stuff up in the family room!"

"OK, fine, but at least you can ask nicely instead of bitching at me..."

"I wasn't bitching at you...I did ask nicely!" We went back and forth over this point for a full minute.

Not to say she isn't right...she is, and it's her house anyway. I should probably find something better to do with my jacket than throw it over the couch. My problem is, she did not, in fact, ask nicely. She gets frustrated with me, and comes in and rants at me the first time she sees something out of place. Now, if it were the second time, maybe, and the third time, certainly understandable. But no, she has to rant at me the first time.

<power_trip>Sorry, but I'm not going to put up with shit like that from her. If she pulls any of that when she comes down to visit, she gets to go home. Period. If she wants to come down and visit MY apartment, she gets to obey the house rules, which include being polite to each other. I will NOT tolerate any more BS like that from her, I don't care what the topic is, or whether or not she's right (she may well be).</power_trip>

OK, I'm done ranting about petty nonsense for the time being. I'm not even overly upset about it (I've learned to expect this from her by now), but still, it's frustrating when she does this (and what's more, doesn't have an accurate memory of what she said 5 minutes ago), and then fails to understand how she managed to come across as being a complete ass.