January 4th, 2003


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OK, I'm home, finally! Woohoo!

Anyway, I've been home for a couple days, but family (parents and grandparents) have been down here, so I haven't updated much these past few days. They left this afternoon, and I have my apartment to myself again. Yummy.

I'm also hyper at the moment (too much Mountain Dew), so don't expect too much out of me right now. Perhaps I'll write more later.

I'm really, really annoyed right now...because I just found out that deneb (which is a Dell) will only support 512MB RAM. I got a 512 stick for Christmas, which would've given me 768 (after I pulled out one of the two 256s I have at the moment), but now I have to return it because it won't work. Grrrr.

OK, time for dinner #2.
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