January 24th, 2003


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I was in a really bitchy mood this morning (mainly because we went to Denny's, and I therefore didn't sleep...but that's a whole 'nother journal). I was bitchy because I had to get up and actually do stuff that required thought...something I have not been in the mood for lately.

And yet, there are times when I read things that just put everything in perspective.

I remember a few of my own "gravitational" experiences, though they certainly weren't as momentous as Q's.

Cal Poly was a gravitational experience...I applied to one, and only one college. My parents were deathly worried that I wouldn't get in...they honestly thought this school would be a stretch school for me. Hah. Well, here I am...and there was never really any doubt in my mind that this is where I would end up. And, for better or worse, I'm still here.

The second (and probably most significant) was when I took off to Reno with a gf for a while...though that (predictably) ended badly.

The third (and least significant), was when I was apartment-hunting this year, and walked into my current apartment. I knew then, and I told my parents then, that that was it. They didn't believe me (or want to, since it was at the upper limit of what they were willing to spend), but it happened anyway, just like I knew it would.

While this doesn't exactly constitute a response, it's all I have to offer right now. Especially since I have classwork (for 205) to worry about.

-- Des
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