January 28th, 2003


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Wow...I haven't posted in like, 3 days.

We had "debauchery" again on Saturday...which was a great deal of fun (except for the minor tiff at the end, but we'll just ignore that). I ended up staying at kion's house till Sunday night, somehow...I'm still not clear on where all that time went, but whatever.

I've been strangely apathetic lately...chores (including dishes) aren't getting done, and I'm basically not caring about school anymore. Instead, I'm sitting around messing with computer stuff. (Although, 205 and computer stuff do overlap somewhat.) I spent about 3 hours setting up an IRC server so my 205 group would have a non-IM way to communicate (since nobody can agree on an IM service). Of course, it's 99% likely that nobody's going to use that...but what the hell.

The point is, all this IRC stuff/UI reconfiguring I've been doing (my E looks very different now) means no real work is getting done (and the IRC server is questionable at best). I'm hoping now, though, that things on deneb at least are stabilized enough so I won't have to touch them for a while.

Speaking of deneb, I'm thinking that perhaps I should be using spica as my main desktop machine...and deneb should be kept around mainly for serving stuff (i.e. no X, except in cases of DVDs or Unreal). I'll have to think about it...I think it would probably be a really good idea. (I know...I can hear everyone rolling their eyes and going "duhhhhh"...)

I also really need to get IPsec going on my wireless network (and maybe also have it tunnel back to deneb from on campus...now THAT would be cool). In order to do that, though, I have to figure out how to setup the server side of the connection, and talk to kion about things like VPN, and getting it working with iptables (so that *only* IPsec connections can talk to anything).

Whee, this sounds like so much fun...I'm not getting any schoolwork done for a week!

Oh well. Off to bed with me.

-- Des
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Your Daily Dose of Des...

So, today was relatively boring...although I did go into Dr. Dana's office today to give him some homework...he's an interesting guy. For one, he uses TWM for a window manager, with no desktop background. But that isn't really why he's interesting...he's interesting because he was around and working on mainframes back in the day. I was talking to him about it some after I dropped my homework off (in fact, I missed Econ today because I was busy talking to him), and he still has punchcards and IBM 360 assembler reference cards in his desk.

Fun Fact: I actually took my vitamins like I was supposed to today.

I recently discovered how to easily eat spaghetti without getting your clothes stained, or wearing a bib and looking like a fool (not that I care about looking like a fool anyway...). It's rather simple really...just take 'em off. Yes, that's right, take your clothes off when eating spaghetti (although, if you're in polite company, you might want to leave your pants on). Then, all you have to worry about are spatters on your skin, which can be easily wiped away.

Fun Fact: I had spaghetti for dinner tonight.

<double_take>Damn...that just sounds wrong. OK, for those that don't know, I don't have any roommates, so it's not like I killed anybody by forcing them to look at me...</double_take>

IRC has been eerily silent today...of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I wasn't really on all that much. But we're down to 11 nicks out of a usual 18 or so (some people like to login 2 and 3 times), which is just strange. Oh well...I guess people were just doing stuff besides IRC.

Sheesh, come on people! You're not supposed to have lives...you're supposed to be on IRC! :p

Fun Fact: I do not have a life.

But then, since you're reading my LiveJournal, you knew that already.

-- Des
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