March 9th, 2003


Screwy sleeping...

I went to bed at 5 AM last night, for no particular reason. It was mainly because preed and mule (who hasn't updated his journal...*cough* *cough*) were busy working on CRASH, and I was doing nothing in particular.

Actually, I take that back. I was hacking up some Perl to manage my music collection, which, as I'm sure you've noticed, I listen to incredibly often. (Ha.)

In the meantime, lazy biznatch that I am, I'm LJing whilst waiting for the dishes to soak.

Today, I realized that my T-Shirt collection is growing rather worn, and that it's probably time to buy some new ones.

Obviously, I'm not going to get all of these (maybe 2 or 3, depending), but I just can't decide...

Oh well, I'm running out of things to talk about. The dishes are calling...and then the cleaning...and then, finally, the code...ooooooh, coooooode....

-- Des
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I upgraded my laptop to X 4.3 this weekend, and was playing around with Xine and MPlayer.

I can actually play videos and DVDs now!


Next thing is to try Unreal. :-D

-- Des
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