March 11th, 2003


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My laptop has decided to be especially annoying tonight, for whatever reason (no, no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm running KDE from CVS...nothing at all...). This is very annoying, because I have some actual, real schoolwork to do for once. (Ha, like schoolwork is "real work", whatever that is.)

    (20:32:45) CondorDes: /bs spica
    (20:32:48) CondorDes: dammit
    (20:32:52) ***CondorDes bitchslaps spica
    (20:33:23) Muleherd: hehe
    (20:33:38) Muleherd: you need a system wide bitchslap alias
    (20:33:44) CondorDes: i know
    (20:33:50) Muleherd: it should be a kernel module
    (20:33:54) CondorDes: haha
    (20:34:01) CondorDes: or at the very least an X11 extension
    (20:34:23) Muleherd: no, kernel
    (20:34:30) Muleherd: ;)
    (20:34:54) ***CondorDes ponders the implications of bitchslapping at the kernel level...
    (20:36:46) Muleherd: i don't know if this would be kernel level exactly, but kill -9 1832 /bs -9 1832
    (20:37:00) CondorDes: SIGBS :)
    (20:37:05) Muleherd: hehe

So...any kernel hackers out there want to implement this?

-- Des
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