March 18th, 2003


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I am a bit of everything...a bit of neo-conservative, a bit of ultra-liberal...a bit of aggie, and a bit of geek. I am passive, and I am agressive. I like the rain, and I like the sun. I am a mirror.

I am a random collection of thoughts and ideas, that somehow manages to appear, to the outside, to be a coherent person. I take on the characteristics of that which is around me; I blend in, yet I stand apart.

I have no sense of self...other than those fleeting moments where everything is aligned perfectly, and I am perfectly balanced.

Humans are curiously conflicted...our lives are a series of extremes, bouncing from one to the other. It is those rare times during the swing of the pendulum where it passes, ever so briefly, through the center point, the resting place, that we are fulfilled and at peace. When we are in equilibrium, all our wants and needs are perfectly balanced against each other, and we are happy.

We eternally search for this equilibrium, this balance. And yet, if we found it, we would have nothing to live for. When we do find it, life is complete, and it is time to move on.

Though I may not like it, my balance has been upset yet again. It means, as it always does, that life will continue...that I have more to do, more to strive for. If life were perfect, there would be no point in living it. Though I am now questioning a part of who I am, in many ways, I welcome the challenge.

-- Des
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