April 3rd, 2003


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Hah, so people actually DO read nasty emails. Cool! Maybe I'll send out more of them... :-P

Just kidding...

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-- Des
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A job? Maybe? Please?

The interview (what little there was of it) went well...it lasted maybe 15min, and I'm one of 3 people that has a good shot at getting a job, just because I have no class Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He told me, straight off, I'm overqualified. I know...but I also can't seem to find anything better right now. He mentioned that one of the admins is leaving this summer...and that I look like a good candidate to replace him.

We'll see what happens...I'm supposed to get an email tomorrow night, letting me know whether or not he has anything for me.

I'm not going to jinks it (any more) by saying how much of a chance I think I have. I just have to wait, and hope.

-- Des
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