April 16th, 2003


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LM and I went out to Montana de Oro again today...this time we explored different parts. We went out and visited some of the coves, and then went up the Ridge Trail for a ways, and finally finished off at Sand Spit and Carl's Jr.

I was in a bit of an introspective mood today, so we didn't talk all that much. Montana was beautiful, as usual, and I got to see some coves and tidepools that I hadn't seen before. We now have a new spot to take muleherd for tidepooling. ;P

[Speaking of muleherd... POST, dammit! :)]

I didn't know that Montana had an actual, honest-to-$diety, sandy beach...but it doesn't really surprise me.

I think I'd like to make these trips out to Montana a usual, weekly occurrence...I find them very relaxing, and I enjoy LM's company. (Even if she doesn't want to join me, I think I'm still going to make them a weekly occurrence.)

* * *

And today, on "As the Bits Flip"...

My Dad called tonight, because my Mom had been in a funk all day over our conversation last night. He clarified a few things, I think, and helped me to understand my Mom's position a little better...but the feeling of uneasiness remains.

I don't think I should be talking to my Mom about this sort of thing.

[Dear $diety...if we created a #tm LJ community, and turned it into a soap opera for our lives, we'd have to call it that. That would be...highly amusing. Really, incredibly, uber-sappy, too...but that's what would make it amusing.]

* * *

Yay for hierarchical trains of thought.

-- Des
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