May 15th, 2003


The Bug List for Today

  • [bug 38] The Database API needs a README, or just better documentation in general.
  • [bug 39] Test case IDs need to be user-assigned strings.
  • [bug 20] Refactor the Oracle implementation of the DB API
  • [bug 22] CoverageTest covers conditional blocks that aren't actually run
  • CPE 215 Lab 3 - Yay assembler!
  • CPE 219 Project - I don't even remember what this is...
  • Find a new goddamn window manager that doesn't keep losing focus on E16 does.

-- Des
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Sigh of Relief...

I got incredibly lucky.

Both my 215 and 219 projects were pushed off to Monday, so I have a little more breathing room. Not much, mind you...but some. I say not much because I'm going up to the bay area this weekend for my Grandma's birthday, so I doubt I'll have time to do much of anything. But still, I can make the time if needed.

* * *

There was apparently a lunar eclipse tonight. Lunar eclipses are cool.

* * *

I think the Sudafed is wearing off...and it's only been in my system for 2 hours. I'm running out of ideas here...

-- Des
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