May 22nd, 2003


$25 worth of allergy meds later...

I now have a more potent nose spray, and an inhaler. Hopefully the cough will finally go away. The nose has been mostly OK for a while..but I guess I just needed something better to finally get rid of it.

* * *

Life has been crazy. I got 215 turned in, two days late, and it didn't even work. I'm being constantly harassed about the 206 database, and God knows what else...

One particular individual has been harassing about it almost every day. (Well, every time he sees me when I'm in the CSL.) Yesterday, when he was bugging me (for the fourth or fifth time) about giving him the database schema (which I haven't even written yet), I almost bit his head off. I told him the past n times that he asked, that no, I do not have the table structure, and no, I don't know when I will have it.

The only reason he's even bugging me about it in the first place is, his group's product is in Perl, and the database API is in Java. So he wants to write his own interface using DBI. I personally think it's a really bad idea for his app to use the database (it's a regression tester for other teams), but he seems to think it's a really good idea.

I have 6 uninterrupted hours in the CSL tonight, thanks to me having a job...and I know he's going to come in, at least after 9, because he works in another lab on campus (and gets off at 9). I swear...if he asks me about it tonight, I'm just going to force him to use the Java interface and write a Java wrapper program that he can call from Perl...

-- Des
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