May 30th, 2003


Reflection on Balance (Updated)

I don't remember the last time I just drove for the sake of driving. It's been several weeks, if not months.

I took the long way home tonight with the windows wide open...Hwy 1 at 70 MPH can be incredibly windy. The air was cool, and moist...and it was very misty. Yummy air. I like cool and misty.

I did it just because I could, and because it's been forever since I took time to stop and observe things around me. I didn't take nearly enough time...I can still feel the tenseness of the past few weeks in my neck and shoulders. I'm going to need an entire weekend with just myself, and possibly a friend or two, before that goes away.

That weekend isn't going to be anytime soon.

My major goal for myself this year has been to work on staying relaxed and happy, and to make sure I spend enough time where it counts. For the most part, I've been doing OK, but I think the past few weeks have been somewhat unbalanced. True...not nearly as bad as before, but bad enough.

* * *

Dammit...that all-important piece of paper I need for my smog check tomorrow? I lost it. Fuck.

Update: I found it, but they might not be able to do the smog check anyway, because the Bay Area (where the car is registered) is an "enhanced" area (and thus I may need to either get it done up there, or take it somewhere else down here).

-- Des

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Mac OS on Windows on Linux on ...

You know what I find amusing?

MacOS running inside the Windows NT port of an M68K emulator, running on Wine.

Also, this is another screenshot to add to my collection.

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Why am I doing this, you ask? Simple...I have a CPE 215 project due on Friday. I have to write the game of Life in assembler for the Motorola 68K platform.

Go me...I can turn an exercise in geekiness into something even more geeky! :-D

-- Des

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