May 31st, 2003


Random Thoughts of the Day


(While listening to "Trip Like I Do")
Oh my...I need to buy a Crystal Method CD.


In #toastmuffin:

<CondorDes> wow...this is sad...
<CondorDes> i have test cases that are failing in my reference implementation...
<CondorDes> the impl that's theoretically supposed to be perfect
<CondorDes> and i haven't even written all the test cases yet
<CondorDes> meh
<CondorDes> but i feel smart now...i wrote a regression testing toolkit in about 2 hours using nothing but shell scripts and a little bit of perl...
<CondorDes> the team in 206 who is supposed to be writing the regression tester (in perl) still doesn't have a usable product
<CondorDes> to their credit, however, they're just learning perl
<CondorDes> so i suppose i shouldn't feel too smart


I wonder if keeping LogJam open the whole day, so I can record my random thoughts, would mean I'm geeky... I hope X/LogJam/the machine doesn't crash...


Oracle 8i and JDBC piss me off. Of course, there are no new JDBC drivers for 8i (since the newest release is 9i), thus I'm stuck using drivers for 1.2, even though the interface has changed drastically. It took me about an hour to figure out how to get around the JDBC and directly at the Oracle driver, just so I could mess with some goddamn blobs. Sheesh.


Yummy Massinova!


Yay regression testing! 206 database stuff is almost done. Now I just have to do some documentation updates, release, and send out an email. Then my main job for 206 this quarter will be done. Nevermind the two other projects in other classes I have to do...

Dazed said "I love you" to me tonight. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I wish I weren't so tired...I'd be able to appreciate it more.

(For those just joining, "Dazed" is one of my closer friends (and my first ex) from high school. We're not dating anymore because of a difference in religion.)

And now, DENNEGERIES!!!!!!!1!

(Also known as Denny's.)

-- Des

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