June 30th, 2003



Still working on polaris...I gave up trying to get Cyrus authenticating properly, and just went back to Courier and my trusty old procmail scripts. NTP is finally working, although I had to do some rather silly hacks on deneb to get everything happy. I'm not sure I like this particular NTP daemon.

I saw Dan today...he gave me a C+ in 206, which I am rather pissed about. I know I did enough work to warrant an A, and if you take into account the stupid mistake at the end of the quarter (not releasing the Oracle code), then a B would be a perfectly reasonable grade. Especially since you can just drop the Oracle code in with very little fuss and have it Just Work(tm). I let him know I wasn't happy, too...we talked briefly, and we both made reference to "discussing it later" in that tone (I was working at the time).

The TODO list is perpetually long...have to finish polaris, code for a couple personal projects, clean the living room (still), do dishes (again), and vacuum (preferably sometime next month, when I will hopefully be able to get my hands on the part my vacuum needs...). Oh yes, it's also that time again for the bathroom...

So...busy busy busy. Can't say I'm really enjoying any of it, but I'm not really depressed, either. Just kind of...existing. Going through my routine, not liking it, but accepting it just the same. Same as I have been for the past month or two.

-- Des

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