July 15th, 2003


Another Minor Update

The fire at the top of Cuesta was still smoldering and throwing up smoke in places as I drove by on my way to school.

The BSD box (polaris) is alive again...it's managed to stay up all morning without crashing (thankfully), unlike last night, when it went belly-up from repeated page faults. More on this when I have time.

"Work" hasn't happened today. So I've worked a grand total of one hour this week...which means less money for Des this month. Goddammit, whatever happened to 20 hours/week?

Anyway, I should probably stop bitching now, seeing as how I'm posting from a CSL machine. :)

w00t! Deneb has been up for 90 days...still breaking its previous record. :-D

-- Des

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Clueful Presidents, and BSD

Ho-lee shit...does Dean actually have a clue?

I would *really* like to see a President who does. That way I don't have to live in fear of my freedoms anymore.

* * *

Well, $50 later, polaris (the FreeBSD box) is back up. It has a new power supply, and the old ISA soundcard was removed (since it was misbehaving, and causing kernel panics every few minutes). It has a fresh BSD install, which is currently getting my environment dumped onto it (zsh, bind, apache, postfix, courier, ...).

I have to say, I like BSD ports about as much as I like Gentoo's portage. They seem to have their own package-specific equivalent to USE flags, and better yet, I can pass it a PREFIX= option to prevent it from dumping everything in /usr/local (which rather pisses me off). Apps are now being installed into their various /opt trees, just as Jeebus intended. :-D

I'll probably have to do some rc script tweaking, but that doesn't bother me when compared to the flexibility of being able to dump things in /opt. The one disadvantage to placing things in their own /opt directories is that there is also an /opt/package/etc directory for each app. I would prefer all my configuration to be in a common location. Oh well. Maybe I'll fudge it with symlinks...haven't decided yet.

The other disadvantage is having to manage the PATH variable and the dynamic library loader. But I don't think those will be too much of a problem, either. Anyone who can't manage their PATH variable shouldn't be adminning a UNIX box anyhow. :)

-- Des

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