July 18th, 2003


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It always happens, without fail...

Every single time I walk into a barber shop to get my hair cut, I always get complemented on how thick and fine and well-behaved it is. If it's so well-behaved, then how come it doesn't stay put when I comb it?

Going up tomorrow after class (ha!) to visit northing...I'm hoping to drag kion along, but don't know if he can make it or not. The three of us and a DVD would make for a nice relaxing evening for once.

I've been tired all week, and I don't know why...it could have something to do with devouring the first three Harry Potter books, at the expense of my Physics homework. Oh well...

My grandma called today and was wondering if I could help her take care of the cousins when I come up this weekend. I really want to see them again...but don't know if I'll have time, what with having to help the parents unpack and all.

I really need to work on these short, disjointed entries. When's the last time I put out a nice, coherent, well-reasoned rant, anyhow?

-- Des

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