July 29th, 2003


Long day...

Work has picked up again. This time we're redoing all the grad machines in 301; putting them on new tables, routing cables, things like that. The dept office has to move up there next week, so we absolutely have to be finished making messes up there by Friday.

Had what I would consider to be one of the first substantive CRASH meetings of the quarter. Paul, Casey and I sat down and put together the bug list from which we will be working for the next few weeks. With any luck, CRASH will be up and running on time this quarter.

Thankfully, ITS has made it much, much easier for us to test, as they will be giving us access to their testing environment. Which means we don't have to register and un-register for bowling repeatedly, and cause the OAR people to wonder about our sanity. :)

Between CRASH and work, I am one tired Des. I'm currently contemplating going to bed shortly after I finish this post, and getting up at 5 or 6 to do Physics. I will probably do this, after staying up to read HHGTTG. ;)

G'night all.

-- Des

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