August 20th, 2003


Outages and Dual Heads

I've been scanned repeatedly in the past 24 hours for an open proxy... it's starting to get rather annoying. I even had someone poking at my telnet port this morning. Sheesh.

Also had a power outage this morning...well, more of a voltage drop. The lights started flickering while I was in the shower...which was rather annoying, because I had to jump out and go unplug deneb to prevent its power supply from shitting itself. And PG&E has changed their electrical outage report hotline thing, so I now have to give them an account number whenever I call. Unfortunately, it just so happens that my landlady is the one who pays the electric bill... so I don't even have the account number. Meh.

* * *

It took me all of 15 minutes once I thought of it, but I now have a dual-headed 1600x1200 desktop, thanks to deneb's 19-inch monitor, and alnath's video card.

nVidia makes some pretty decent hardware. :)

-- Des

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Wow...the Fog...

It's been a long time since I've seen something in nature and said, "wow...that was cool!".

On the way down to school this morning, I had another moment.

I hit the top of the grade...and looked down. Usually, I can see the road stretched out ahead of me...the hills on either side. Today, all I could see was the fog bank below me. The road continued for about 1/4 mile...and there it seemed as if it suddenly stopped. It was like there was almost a "floor" of clouds and fog... and looking off into the distance it just kept rolling, occasionally broken by the tops of the hills.

I've never seen it do that before. Usually it comes right up to the top of the pass, so as soon as you hit the top of the grade and start going down, you're immersed in fog. Today, the fog didn't start until after I was over the top.

It was was surreal, in a way. It made the past week or two seem somehow...worthwhile. It was a reminder of why I'm here.

-- Des

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575 distinct IP addresses have hit my firewall on TCP port 135 since midnight.

At an average of 4.2 packets per machine (ranging from 1 to 18), that's 2411 distinct packets which can be attributed to W32.Blaster. That's an average of 2 packets per minute.

As I'm sitting here watching the iptables logs, I've noted two or three more IPs just in the time it took me to calculate these numbers.

There's another one...

Aaaand another one...

I pity the poor ISPs who have to put up with this... I would pity the Windows users, but really... they *should* know better. Come on, you guys...take the plunge! Convert! Now is as good a time as any. </linux_bigot> ;)

-- Des

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