August 21st, 2003


Good Company

I'm weird about people... there are times when I'm in a very social mood... and I can spend 6+ hours doing nothing but conversing. I find people so...interesting and fascinating. They're different from me...they see the world from a different perspective. That's cool. What's more, it's something I'll never get enough of. Of course, as a side-effect, I have days (weeks?) where I'm in a hating-people mood... but I think it's a fair tradeoff, and one I'm happy to make.

Today (well, yesterday, now) has been a very worthwhile day. There was the fog this morning, and I just spent the entire evening on the phone and on AIM with various people.

The first phone call was to the parents... we spent about a half hour getting caught up on various things (mostly school), and me explaining how today was a rather odd day. I also had to explain how the rearview mirror fell off my car yesterday, and how I duct-taped it together long enough to get to an auto parts store and get some rearview mirror glue (yes, they have special glue for that). I think I did a pretty good job reattaching it...except I forgot to put my parking permit back up. Oops. Thankfully, when I took the parking ticket in along with my permit, they voided the ticket and all is well.

The second phone call was to northing... we spent a good 2 hours getting caught up and talking about stuff...ranging from depression, to parental communication, to just plain silliness. It had been a few days since seeing Rob online, and it was good to talk to him again. I think I've come to expect chats a few nights a week. :)

The third conversation (over AIM) was with poeticnerd, whom I don't know all that well except through LJ and AIM. But she's a nice person, and it seems to me that she's got her head in the right place.

* * *

The W32.Blaster attacks continue... the firewall has been weathering the storm quite well. The syslog has grown almost 2 MB in size today... but the partition that has it is a 2GB partition, and virtually empty. I'm not going to worry about rotation anytime soon. :)

I'll probably post some updated statistics tomorrow (if I ever get around to it) to cover the whole 24-hour period. I'll just keep logging... and when this attack has died down, I'll play with the data and see if maybe I can draw some pretty graphs or something. Playing with data (finding trends and categories, and organizing things) has always been a hobby of mine (one of the reasons I like databases so much). Now I have a nice big set of data to work with. :-D

Again, Windows users: Don't forget to run Windows Update!

* * *

Goodnight all.

-- Des

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It's raining! It's raining!


The sky's not even completely clouded over. It's just a cloudburst...came on rather suddenly a few minutes ago, but it's tapering off a bit now. Looks like the cloudburst is moving east.

Yummy! :-D

-- Des

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(no subject)

My flow has been good today. In fact, today has been my best day in a looooooong time. I think it really started last night.

I actually made it through a Physics homework assignment without needing to put stuff off for office hours. I started on some stuff at work that I've been putting off for...forever (mainly because it's boring administrativa). I spent some time to/with myself in one of my special spots on campus. And I actually contributed something in lab today. How's that for coolness? :)

I got a lot of sleep the night before last, which is probably why. I think, now that Physics is done, I'm going to go do something mind-numbing and relaxing, and go to sleep. But not until I finish this CD...this is probably my favorite raises memories, but semi-pleasant ones. I like this whole CD in general...I think it's going back into my car in the morning, in honor of the fog...yummy, yummy fog.

I had forgotten again...this is what life is about. It's about the foggy mornings, it's about the 2 hour phone conversations, and it's about taking care of the important things, instead of just messing around all day reloading Slashdot.

Now I just need a significant other, or at the very least a really close friend to be with, and then this day would be perfect.

-- Des

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