November 4th, 2003


Code! Code code code!

We need more coding/geeky parties. LAN parties are cool, yeah, but hacking parties are cooler because there are a bunch of people all working on shit and it's much easier to get stuff done in the right atmosphere.

Must code something. Must work on some nifty open source project. Also must find more IRC channels to hang out in on Freenode.

Perhaps I'll look into E, or that MUD thing xenithtoast wants to do, or maybe I'll just play with a few of my own ideas. Working on projects with other people is more fun though, unless they're assholes who think they know better than everyone else.

Time for class. Not taking the laptop this time, as it's too distracting.

-- Des

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No surprise here...

How very appropriate...

The administrators of this campus just don't strike me as particularly intelligent. I wonder if the Mustang Daily is going to carry something about this. Probably not...we'll see, though. I'll be disappointed if they don't--well, no I won't, because disappointment implies expectation, but you get the idea.

-- Des

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