December 5th, 2003



So, after a couple hours of tweakage last night, I finally got IPsec working on my wireless network again under the 2.6 kernel.

Sadly, however, it didn't stay up the night -- my wireless interface seems to enjoy losing its IP every few hours or so.

I blame DHCP.

-- Des

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Home sick. (but not homesick)

Woke up this morning feeling nauseous and generally overstressed. Got out of bed, took a shower, got on AIM and immediately had Tesko tell me to get back in bed.

I contemplated breakfast, and realized just how right he was.

So I did. And now I'm going to miss both classes (already missed one, second one is in a half hour). And have a 4-day "weekend" (involving coding, studying and generally cleaning up) before my 7 AM midterm on Wednesday.

Got out of bed again maybe an hour ago, and have been laying around on the futon letting my brain wander. Meditating, I suppose, although certainly nothing that formal. Haven't even bothered getting dressed or eating anything yet. :p

Today's gonna be a weird day.

-- Des

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Haiku silliness.

I should do some work,
But this is so much more fun --
Think I'll just waste time.

-- Des

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