December 6th, 2003


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The Tums needs to kick in, and I need to go to bed. My poor stomach has been having issues all day.

Finals are next week (at 7 AM Wed, no less :( ). Then after that, it's home for the holidays. There's Christmas shopping, and there's dealing with the extended family, none of which is stress-free. There has been plenty of drama-fu going on amongst my friends, none of which I need get into here. And of course, there's my own internal mental/emotional list-of-things-that-are-messed-up.

I feel like I should be a mental/emotional wreck right now, but I'm not. Not even a little.

Guess I'm just learning to roll with it. Yeah, this is life... whatever.

-- Des

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Anonymous Comment Meme Thingy

OK, so because I'm high on Sudafed (yes, I woke up with a really nasty sinus headache this, er, afternoon), I'm going to do something I wouldn't ordinarily do. I know this is a bit narcissistic, but hey, whatever.

Anonymous comments are allowed, and IP tracking has been disabled. This is only in effect for the next 24 hours, after which Anon comments are off and IP tracking is back on.

Please post whatever you want. Whatever you wish you could say, be it a story, fantasy, or whatever, say here. I won't be able to tell who you are, except perhaps through your mode of speech (but I really stink at that).

If you want to post something but you're concerned about this being public, let me know in a comment and I'll make it friends-only.

Have fun.

-- Des

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I love where I live.

My landlady just called: "Oh, I was talking to Dave [my neighbor] this afternoon and he said you'd been sick, and I was just calling to see if you needed anything or if there's anything I can do..."

"Oh, thank you ... I think what happened is I just haven't been getting enough sleep, but thanks a lot. :)"

"OK, well just let me know if you need some juice or something, or if I can bring something over for you..."

This basket of soups I got her for Christmas seems so ... inadequate now.

(For those that don't know, my apartment is one of a duplex sitting behind my landlady's house. It's nice, because dropping the rent off every month just means walking across my front lawn and around the side of her house to knock on the front door.)

-- Des

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