December 10th, 2003


Almost done.

I have half of a takehome final left, due tomorrow afternoon. I figure I'll go down there and drop it off when I go down for dinner with kithkanan.

I am beat. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Up at 5:30 this morning to make it to a 7 AM final in theater, which I think I probably got a C on if I'm lucky ... but I guess we'll see. Right after that was a 10 AM final in ethics, which consisted of giving impromptu presentations and writing a lot about ... I forgot what. Eh, whatever.

The AI final is probably the only one that's actually taxing my mental capacity in any way, and of course, in true stupid-college-student fashion, I save it for last. Oh well. It's not due until tomorrow afternoon, so that means I can start working on it at 2 PM, right? ;)

There's a bunch of other stuff on my mind too, but nothing I have the coherency to write down at the moment. Maybe tomorrow after I've turned my shit in.

-- Des

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