January 19th, 2004


Bayesian w00tness.

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    To: jberry@...
    Subject: Re: Bayesian Filter
    Date: Yesterday 22:40:52


    Thanks for the update!
    In my 580 class this quarter, there's a team doing
    document categorization, and they are considering the use
    of Bayesian techniques. Is it ok if I point them to your
    project? How well do you think the Bayesian approach
    would extend to n-ary categorization, instead of binary
    as in spam/ham?


w00t! 580 is the graduate-level AI class... and he (he being my AI professor) wants to show them my Bayesian filter. I feel so accomplished now...

This is cool, that someone's actually interested in code I'm writing. Makes me feel like it's all worthwhile. :-D

I'm sorely tempted to stay up and code, but Ashlee and I are going to the beach tomorrow... oh well, after I get back I can code.

I feel so special now.

-- Des

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