February 14th, 2004


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So, in the grand tradition of procrastinating, I'm writing an LJ post and staring at my Collapse )

Parents are coming down, and will probably be here just in time for dinner. It's my dad's 60th birthday this weekend (actually tomorrow), and I told them I'd cook. I'm going to be cooking Ashlee's lemon chicken recipe, because I think it's good. I'm probably gonna have to go easy on the lemon though.

phlog and I went to Trader Joe's yesterday, and I picked up a few interesting tidbits, one of which I'm sipping at now. I got myself some gingerbeer, and some more tea. On a lark, I picked out a new kind of tea I've never tried before: white tea. White tea is really finicky about how it's brewed, but I think it's pretty well worth it. It's a light, rather delicate flavor that's hard to describe, and if you steep it for more than a minute or two, you will overbrew it (I accidentally let this cup sit for three, but it still seems reasonably OK).

I also picked up some gingerbeer (which is all phlog's fault, since he got me hooked on it ;) ). It's like really strong ginger ale; it's good. Leaves a bit of a fire in the back of your throat as it goes down, but nothing really unpleasant.

Gah. Perhaps I should stop procrastinating and start cleaning. If the apartment isn't absolutely clean by the time my mom gets here, she's going to have a fit, and so will I. (Interesting how I don't really care what my apartment looks like when my friends come over, but as soon as it's either family, or someone I don't know that well, I worry about cleaning it up.)

-- Des

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