March 7th, 2004


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whee. Not sure exactly how I can follow a post like last night's, but whatever.

Rob was here, and there was much beaching. I got to drive Sparky around the parking lot at Poly today, because I've decided (for whatever reason) that I need to learn how to drive a manual. Mmmm. Sparky was fun ... I felt like a little kid who had just been given a really big toy for Christmas.

Manuals can be a pain, and fun at the same time. I was learning ... slowly. Rob tells me I was learning pretty quickly, but it was slow as far as I'm concerned. This physical stuff (clutching and accelerating the right amount at the same time) doesn't seem to work too well with me. I spent most of the time practicing starts, going uphill.

I've been kinda spacey and blah all day ... most likely has something to do with staying up really late last night and ... yeah.


In other semi-interesting geek news, I decided my webserver needed caching (to store pages documents after they've been run through the stylesheet). So out of sheer boredom, I've been writing something similar to memcached, except threaded, and eventually possibly backed by a disk (because I intend to use it for storing thumbnailed photo images, but I don't have enough RAM for 1GB of thumbnailed photos, and even if I did, I have better things to do with it).

Right now it's a Perl module which talks to a Python (but soon-to-be-rewritten-in-C/C++) server. I pummelled my webserver with 4000 requests (for the same page), and the time to serve went from 2 minutes down to about 30 seconds. Or if you prefer, it went from 33 requests/sec up to 133 requests/sec. So ... major w00t.

(Of course, we're completely ignoring the fact that my upstream bandwidth probably isn't capable of handling even 33 reqs/sec ... but I won't say anything if you don't. ;) )

But I need yogurt, and food of some sort. And probably sleep would be good too. No more coding for me today.

-- Des

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