April 1st, 2004


Random Observations of the Day

  • There was a fire/oil spill/something on the northbound side of 101 on my way to school this afternoon. Apparently it was a truck that broke down, or something.

  • My graphics class is insanely boring. I learned how to do everything he taught today back in elementary school when I was writing BASIC. Yes, it's a different language (Java, ugh), but still.

  • Using esd is a bad idea. Not only is it the most brain-dead sound server in existence, if you use Gentoo and you set the USE flag, every single fscking package on your system will depend on it. So when you finally discover it and try to clean up the mess, you end up breaking everything and having to reinstall half the programs on the machine. Grrrr. I still don't have sound back yet because I'm waiting for some sizable chunks of KDE to recompile...

  • My monitor is dirty, again. This is mostly a result of me sneezing on it, then using my hand to try to wipe it away, and smearing it instead. I'll probably attack it with some Windex the next time I do the dishes, which is probably going to be right about when hell freezes over. ;P

  • Soybean paste takes 4-6 months to make from scratch. This annoys me greatly, because I can't find any at the local (Atascadero) stores, and I want miso soup. Trader Joe's has these tiny little packages of the stuff, that are expensive. I'd rather buy it in bulk and store it somewhere (assuming it doesn't go bad).

Thank you, that is all. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled force-fed marketing disguised as a sitcom.

-- Des

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