April 26th, 2004


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My body abruptly decided at about 4:30 that it was hungry. So it woke up, and refused to go back to sleep.

I've had maybe 4.5hrs at this point. I think I'm going back to bed after I finish this snack.

-- Des

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Out of Place

[ GLSA 200404-42 ] DoS vulnerability in "human"

    [20:57:01] <CondorDes> hmmm.  I think today was worse than yesterday, cold-wise
    [20:57:10] <CondorDes> which is probably my fault for taking too much Sudafed
    [20:57:59] <foxwald> i don't think it could make your cold worse.
    [20:58:07] <foxwald> only bugs do that.
    [20:58:12] <CondorDes> no, but the side-effects were pretty bad.
    [20:58:13] <foxwald> hey, you've got a bug!
    [20:58:14] <CondorDes> hehe
    [20:58:25] <CondorDes> yes, I caught the (spoken) pun ... :)
    [20:58:30] <foxwald> you should file it... an stuff.
    [20:59:23] <CondorDes> hehe
    [20:59:45] *foxwald finished chips, opens up burrito
    [21:00:27] <CondorDes> yeah ... new Gentoo security bug:  "sys-base/human-400000.3444.2342-r42 - possible DoS via airborne virus"
    [21:01:20] <CondorDes> Someone should really fix that.
    [21:01:36] <foxwald> sewioswy.

...I hope it doesn't get assigned to me. ;P

-- Des

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