July 30th, 2004

Out of Place

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I have my interview in an hour ... wish me luck ...

I don't seem to have very many clothes that would work for "business casual" (or whatever they're calling it nowadays). I may have to fix that when I visit the parents next week for LinuxWorld. (It's handy having family in the Bay Area ... ;) )

(08:27:07) CondorDes: Who knows ... I may have to come home early to go clothes shopping ... THAT should make Mom happy ... ;)
(08:27:24) Dad: rofl
(08:29:27) Dad: Maybe the two of you could meet halfway at the FACTORY STORES!
(08:29:36) CondorDes: hahaha
(08:29:47) CondorDes: Now THAT'S a scary thought ...
(08:29:56) Dad: hehe

Oh yes, and whoever came up with the concept of "working before noon" needs to be shot on sight. ;P

-- Des
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