September 24th, 2004


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Welp, I have absolutely no motivation to do schoolwork right now. Thus, I bring you ...

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I went down for a half-hour catnap, and got up two hours later with a sore neck. Mrowr.

Speaking of which, I want a cat in my life.

So, yeah. My motivation to do schoolwork apparently lasted all of a week (if that). Sad, really.

My air conditioner is making weird and very loud grinding noises. I think it's just the faceplate vibrating, but it's REALLY annoying. grr. (Update: Fixed, for now. It was the window vibrating in the window frame. So I just stuck something in the crack between the two so they couldn't vibrate against each other and ... yeah. Does that sound dirty to anyone besides me? ;P)

-- Des
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