October 20th, 2004


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Bored in class, and my laptop rather abruptly ran out of battery (this is odd ... it only lasted 3.5 hours, but between the two batteries it's supposed to last 6 ...). Thankfully this is a lab class, so there are lab computers to play with, at least (even if they don't have any IM clients...).

Anyway, I was a moron last night. Because I was concerned about the possibility of an overnight heatwave (;P), I decided to leave the windows cracked open on my car. So the interior was very wet this morning.

(Actually, it was just force of habit left over from this summer, because it gets swelteringly hot in there during the day when the sun is beating down on it. We just haven't had much sun lately.)

Also, jeans piss me off. Denim is a horrible material for comfortable clothing, and it doesn't dry out. My butt is still wet from sitting on the wet car seat this morning. :p

OK, she's finally finished lecturing (in lab :p), so I'm going home now. I have wayyyyy too much work to do this week ... :(

-- Des
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