November 8th, 2004

Ranty Time!

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Someone put up an anti-gay-marriage display on Dexter lawn this morning. It had me pissed off for a good hour. :p

I considered calling the police and reporting it as hate speech, but ultimately decided not to. Although I found it highly offensive, I also recognize that other people have a right to speak their minds (and make themselves look like asses). I may strongly disagree with the message, but I firmly believe in their right to express it ...

I take comfort from the fact that it wasn't generally received well (there were quite a number of people clustered around it, some of whom wrote pro-marriage messages over the anti-marriage ones). But the fact that anyone could think this at all ... *sigh*.

It just makes me realize how far we have left to go, especially in the Human Wasteland. :p

-- Des
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