December 16th, 2004


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Someone at Pacbell (or SBC, or whatever they're calling themselves now) must like me.

I'm getting ~300K upstream. I'm normally only supposed to get ~128K. Of course, for the proce I'm paying for a static IP block, I should be getting more upstream than 128 ... but anyway, this makes me very happy.

Anyway, I know I haven't been a very communicative Des lately, largely because my life is boring. When I'm not doing something productive, I'm being a vegetable. And "productive" has mostly consisted of Christmas shopping.

On the other hand, northing did come down on Monday (and left this afternoon), which was good. I was glad to see him again after a few months of absence. He dragged me up Bishop's Peak (well, not really, he was being nice to me this time).

Oh yes, and I can somewhat-proficiently drive a manual now. :D He let me practice some more with Sparky (a BMW M3), which made me very happy. Despite what many think about BMWs being status symbols, they are still excellent cars (at least, the M3 certainly is). In the hands of an experienced driver, they're perfectly capable of running circles around all those idiot Mustangs ... (apologies to kithkanan's friend Arion, who doesn't seem to be a typical Mustang driver, and doesn't read this anyway).

So, yes, Christmas ... heh. I was supposed to go Christmas shopping this afternoon, which I sort of did ... but only managed to get one thing. So I still have less than 50% of my shopping completed. :-/ *sigh*

-- Des
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So ... I've been here (here being the bay area) for what, an hour and I'm already bored.

Thus, I bring you ... Collapse )

-- Des
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