December 28th, 2004


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[OK, sorry, the subject line is a really bad half-pun. ;P But it amuses me.]

I have a headache. But it's raining, and probably will be for the whole week. :D

I know I promised updates ... and then promptly disappeared for a week ... but see, there was this "Christmas" thing that sorta got in the way. So now I get to do a crapload of writing to get caught up again. heh.

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>>> Various Boy/Girl Encounters

I forgot to write about these before, so I'll do so now, because they are worthy of being recorded. ;P

First: On my way up to the bay area (what, two weeks ago now), there was a car full of girls in the right lane on the freeway in Paso Robles. As I passed them, they all started screaming and waving at me. For some reason this greatly amuses me. ;P

Second: My brother and I were christmas shopping at the mall, and we went into this one video store (Suncoast, if you must know). You could just tell that one of the people working there was ... y'know. ;) This boy had dyed blonde hair, earrings, rainbow belt, rainbow elastic bracelet thingy ... yeah. My little brother was looking at Star Trek DVDs, so we were sitting on the floor near the cash registers [I almost typed "cache register", ha], and I was staring at the Suncoast boy and generally making him uncomfortable the whole time. So much so that he came over once and asked if we needed help, and I was just like "No, we're fine ..." and he wandered off.

Third: My grandma and I had gone to the hardware store to pick up some things for her house (since she doesn't drive, I had to take her). As we were walking back to the car, this guy comes out of the store who might've been gay, but you couldn't really tell ... (he had earrings, anyway). He walks out the sliding door, catches sight of me, comes to a complete stop, stares at me and says "...Hi" in that "omg I'm like nervous" tone of voice. I just murmur "Hello" quietly back, and he resumes walking -- right in front of my grandma's cart, with which he almost collides. The amusing thing about this is, my grandma was talking to me the whole time, totally oblivious to the fact that I was making eye contact with a cute-ish boy and that he nearly ran into her cart ... *giggles*

These things amuse me. I think it's my hair. No, really ... since I started growing it out, people have been staring at me. ;P

So, now we're updated to just-before-christmas ... then tomorrow we'll see if I can cover some of Christmas itself. Probably in multiple posts.

-- Des
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