January 28th, 2005


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I swear if I hear the words "base pointer" one more time, I'm going to shoot something.

Today and yesterday have been good-ish days. I saw Joe and Andy yesterday, and spent a fair amount of time hanging out with/having dinner with ensuing, which was a good break from trying to be productive. Then there was GLBU (still on yesterday) which was mildly interesting. I saw someone vaguely familiar from Anime there, and we had a group discussion about the religious right. Yay for conservative nutcases. :p

Today was more annoying than anything else. It was English, followed by the frustrations of OS. I'm going to drag the professor over tomorrow during lab and make him explain the pieces of Intel stack-fu he left out of the assignment writeup ... :p

-- Des
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Excessive quantities of soda == blood sugar crash in about 2 hours. Not good.

Apologies to kithkanan and Arion for being a bit of a bitchy whiner tonight. kithkanan fed me chocolate, which helped a bit, but I'm going to search for some things now to help even it out ...


So ... you know those problems I was having with base pointers? Yeah, that was actually my teacher's fault. He wasn't making his stacks big enough in the code he provided. Everything works now and I basically wasted 4 hours trying to find a problem that didn't exist (but fixing lots of other little bugs in the process). :p

I'm actually (gasp!) contemplating installing Nautilus. Konqueror as a file manager is starting to annoy me, because the "browser" paradigm just doesn't work for me for files. It's OK for webpages (although I have a tendency to open everything in new tabs/windows), but for directories and other such hierarchies ... I like having separate windows that actually remember where I put them the last time.

The thing that's offputting about Nautilus is that it has a dependency tree that just barely fits on my 1600x1200 monitor, even using really tiny fonts ... I would say "I hope it's not bloated", but I think I already know the response to that. :p

-- Des
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