May 2nd, 2005


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It's been a long past few days. I've been neglecting my life in favor of school, because school has been demanding my attention in the form of a nasty midterm (which finally got finished today) and a relatively short research paper (which is due Wed).

Right now, I feel exhausted. Being as unbalanced as I have in the past week or so ... well, it's not a pleasant feeling, physical or mental. What's more, I'm not really accepting of it, largely because I view my History class (the one with the midterm earlier) to be an utter waste of my time. History in general can be worthwhile and useful, but not the way this teacher teaches it, or tests on it.

I think it's time for bed.

Update (next morning): Nothing like a splitting headache to really wake you up in the morning ... 4 in the morning, that is ...

Oh well, at least I got 4-5ish hours of sleep.

-- Des
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