May 10th, 2005


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I now have Katamari Damancy music, thanks to Andy. Furthermore, I will be burning a CD of this loveliness for playing in the car. While driving.

Be afraid ... be very afraid ... >:D


I have become LiveJournally constipated again. ladymeep was down for the weekend, and I haven't yet had a chance to write about my thoughts.

I hate lethargy. I hate apathy.

It rained last night. This made me happy. I wish it would continue to rain.

Now that I've started watching fansubbed Anime, I'm slowly running out of disk space on my various machines ... I think it's time to buy more storage. This is annoying because I've been trying to hold out for when I can just buy a new machine (and thus spend money on SATA disks instead of IDE disks). I may just start burning stuff I've watched off to CD, we'll see.

-- Des
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I have the beginnings of a History paper due tomorrow, so of course, what do I spend all evening doing? Mucking about with the internals of the GLBU website, trying to clean it up...

I am now significantly more knowledgeable about m4, and the website incidentally has the beginnings of a nice framework which means I no longer have to deal with massive quadruply-nested-HTML-tables. Oh, and the navigation system is more flexible now too (it doesn't rely on links-that-are-images-with-text anymore, and the HTML is significantly cleaner and (will) use almost no absolute positioning).

Soon as I finish it I'll show it to Laura and then push it to the live site (while holding my breath and knocking on wood).

But none of this is getting my history done ... ::sigh::

-- Des
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