May 21st, 2005

Out of Place

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So. It's been a pretty boring/uninteresting week. I have no money (again), so I've been doing pretty much nothing, with one exception.

kithkanan and Arion dragged me out yesterday and paid for me to see Episode 3. On the whole, I liked it, but I have to agree with the consensus: Lucas can't write dialog worth shit. It was a good movie, except when the characters opened their mouths. :p

Other than that, I've been doing schoolwork, (trying to) work on MetaFS, and generally trying to deal with the allergy season. I cut my Allegra-D dosage in half (I'm only taking it during the day), which seems to be helping quite a bit with the stonedness.

I've had an idea for a bit of a dirty, plotless story floating around in my head since Spring Break (I know, a long time) ... but I'm finally getting vague urges to write it. Problem is, I can't focus enough because my allergies are too damn distracting. :p Every time I cough (which is every minute or so), it's like someone walking up behind me, grabbing my shoulder and turning me away from whatever I'm thinking about.

So. I can't think in more than about 1-minute bursts. Which is frustrating as hell.

Hopefully allergy season will start to wane soon.

-- Des
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