May 26th, 2005

I am me


So, I somehow managed to get myself elected to be the gay club secretary for next year. I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but whatever... ;P

I've been lazy and procrastinating lately, which shouldn't surprise anyone. I spent all yesterday morning reading yaoi. This shouldn't surprise anyone, either. :p The mental detrius from not having meditated in weeks is building up. Maybe one of these days I'll stop looking for excuses (like coughing) and just sit.

My allergies are now mostly under control. Finally.

I have a stupid research proposal due early next week that I've only barely started on.

Instead of working on said proposal, I went for a walk to the lake and back. It was pretty, and more importantly, it was some much-needed physical exercise. On the way back I stopped and said hi to a couple horses. I haven't dealt with them in ages.

Visiting the parents this weekend. It's not my first choice of activities, but considering the amount of schoolwork I have to do, and also considering the fact that the Jeep is sick (it needs a new battery and possibly new shocks), it's probably the most feasible. Chances are my mother will try my patience. This, also, should not surprise anyone.

OK. Time to find something productive to do. Like ... get ready for/go to Staleygorithms. Wheeeee!

-- Des
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