June 14th, 2005


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Well ... school's out, finals are over. This weekend was actually pretty shitty, due to the fact that I have trouble letting go of people sometimes.

Saturday was ... yeah. Saturday was a vodka day. For Friday evening and most of Saturday, I was in a quiet mood, or as I described it to Andy, "I'm in the mood where if I had a Significant Other right now, I would want to do nothing but lay in bed and spoon and cuddle as close as I possibly could." I was starting to miss people terribly.

Then I had a Hakuna Matata (vodka + ginger ale) with lunch, which allowed me to put some distance between me and my feelings of acute loneliness. I gave myself a chance to look at them, accept them, make peace with them and move on.

Saturday evening saw me hanging out with kithkanan, Arion and Cedric (who was down for the weekend). kithanan graduated, so we had a laid-back, mini party-like thing. Being around people, and being laid-back and quiet, helped cement my improved mood.

Sunday and Monday were mostly spent working on my proposal for Summer of Code (which is, of course, MetaFS-related). The silly thing took a fair bit of effort to write and perfect (thanks to my parents and northing for editing), but I was finally satisfied and submitted it at about 1400 today. It's 11 pages long (although there's a lot of whitespace, since each section begins a new page). Maybe once decisions have been made, I'll post it somewhere.

So, now that that's done, I can go back to actually being productive and writing code. ;) Mayhap a less-buggy MetaFS 0.1.4 will be forthcoming.

Still, here's hoping I get selected for SoC... ::knocks on wood::

-- Des
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Out of Place

Even geeks have their off days...

Me: ::moves a folder of porn from the server to alnath's desktop::
Some time later...
Me: Hmmm, my left mouse button is being sticky. ::middle-clicks with both buttons::
alnath: ::opens the window list menu::
Me: No, I didn't need that... ::tries to click outside the menu to close it, but misses and hits "Cascade Windows" instead::
alnath: ::helpfully rearranges all the windows::
Me: No, dammit, I didn't want you to do that. Undo it.
alnath: OK.
Me: ...what? --Wait, STOP.
alnath: What?
Me: I did NOT tell you to delete that folder.
alnath: Yes you did.
Me: No, no I didn't.
alnath: Yes. You did.
Me: No, bitch, I didn't.
alnath: Look, dumbass, I can't help it if you don't know what "Undo" means.
Me: Well, undo the delete, dammit.
alnath: ...what delete?
Me: You know damn well what delete I'm talking about.
alnath: You asked me to create some files, and then undo it. So I did. What's your problem?
Me: ::seethes in impotent fury and mutters unintelligibly::
alnath: Why don't you go back to your precious shell and quit trying to handle all those complicated "window" thingies? Dimwit.

::sighs:: At least the person from whom I got said porn will resend it.

Stupid laptop. [I heard that. Ass. --alnath.]

-- Des
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