July 25th, 2005


PET ME, for I am FELINE!

I have hot water again. This means I no longer have any excuse not to do dishes.

(18:35:06) CondorDes: Every time I write the word "slits" in this lab report, I feel dirty ... >_>

I anally-raped my PHYS midterm this morning. (At least, I'm pretty sure I did.) HA! My turn to be seme!

I spent yet more time doing GLBU/Pride-related stuff today, mostly involving that letter I'm writing. I also ended up goofing around with Morgan and Laura in the Pride center until ... what, 1430? Something like that. We had fun. Given that I've been starved for social interaction this summer, I think I'll probably be hanging out there more in the coming weeks.

They even have a microwave and refrigerator in there, which I am allowed to use. (But no toaster oven. queueball would be disappointed.) If they only had wireless, I would never go home. ;P

Speaking of queueball, I'm reminded of how much I miss him, northing and ladymeep. (I don't think I've talked to any of them since ... Thursday? Well, except for ladymeep briefly yesterday.) And that, in turn, reminds me of how much physical affection I seem to require, and how little of that I'm getting...

Oh well. Life isn't perfect. At least my midterm is over, so I can get back to doing something actually productive...

-- Des
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