August 15th, 2005


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I was woken up -- twice -- by thunder this morning. And then I go outside and see my car is damp.

Happy Des. :)


My dreams lately have been violent dreams... but in them, I'm always the one who stays away and tries to find some sense of peace.

Last night's was about a friend from an alien race on the verge of extinction. They were being attacked by another, malevolent race, and their solution was to completely militarize their society. All adolescents and older were in their military, and every child went through the "training".

The "training", though, was brutal. As soon as you walked into the orientation room, you were in training. The military would set lethal traps in some sort of strange obstacle course, and even during orientation, groups of students would be teleported at random, without warning, into these courses.

My friend "showed" me (telepathically or something, I'm not sure -- I know I was looking through his eyes into his memories) his orientation. He remembered being teleported out of the auditorium and into this maze in space, even before the instructors told him what was happening -- he remembered how disoriented and frightened he was. He remembered, on his first session, watching one of his childhood friends became trapped in a web, which closed around him and suffocated him.

Over half of the students were killed in these sessions. They were designed to produce the strongest soldier possible.

My friend had survived the training, and was now a soldier, but he still carried the scars. And now he was here on Earth because the malevolent aliens were headed this way, and we had no defense against them.

It's interesting what my brain comes up with when it's not throwing temper tantrums, eh? ;)

-- Des
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