October 1st, 2005


Generic Update-Like Thing

So I'm looking at my TODO list ... and wanting nothing to do with it. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately ... like most of what I've been doing (GLBU, work, school) is all for other people and like I just don't have enough time for myself.

For instance, I started another story Friday morning, based on a dream from a few nights ago ... and I'd like to try writing this one, but I haven't had time to get more than a couple paragraphs in. :-/


So Andy/Joe/etc. have asked me to move into their house (also known as the Institute). I'm seriously considering it, because (a) it would knock $1-200/month off my budget (gas :p), and (b) I've been wanting a lot more human contact lately, and if there's one worthy group to move in with, it's them.

But there are so many logistical issues to think of. So ... we'll see. It's another one of those "big decisions" (like Seattle). It has the potential to be a good thing, or a not-so-happy thing.


So I wasn't paying attention, and I'm apparently turning 22 in 10 days or so. O_o I don't know why I feel compelled to remind people of this fact, other than it always seems like my birthdays slip by with only me half-remembering them. Besides, my 21st was somewhat ... anticlimactic. :p (I don't even think I drank on my birthday.)

Anyway, I don't expect or want presents (no, I'm serious. This isn't one of those dysfunctional "well, you don't have to get me anything" things...), but for those of you who feel compelled to buy me something, here's a list:
  • Movie: Lost in Translation
  • Movie: Life as a House
  • Soundtrack: Pirates of the Carribbean (or however you spell it :p)
  • Soundtrack: Noir
  • Soundtrack: Last Exile (?)
  • Soundtrack: Various LotR
  • Soundtrack: Avalon Soundtrack (import, Polish)
  • Anime: RahXephon / Kino (?)
  • Anime: Scrapped Princess
  • Visor CD holder for the car
  • New cheese grater

Please, pleasepleasepleaseplease don't buy me random shit (although random books or music you think I'll like are still good). I have enough stuff laying around, and if I decide to move into the Institute, I'll have even less space for it. :p

Actually, like I said before, don't buy me anything at all. In fact, I don't even know why I'm talking about this. ::mutters to himself and wanders off to find something useful to do for the next half hour before anime::

-- Des


These make me giggle.

Condordes in The Military Campaign
deskitty (Willem Dafoe) has made the worst career move of his life. Daring to challenge our views on government, his perceived supremacy is faring only as could be expected, and queueball, his confidant (Danny Glover), is powerless to stop it. northing (Bill Murray) organises an alternative. The weather has never sounded so interesting.
Produced by ianiceboy

Condordes in Science Faction
Set in the not-too-distant present, deskitty (Leonardo DiCaprio) moves to a town where computers control the lives of the townsfolk. Suddenly, he finds that he is a fugitive, being tracked down by those that he thought were his friends. Meanwhile, ensuing (Minnie Driver) and jennmenchi (Courteney Cox), a vile duo, use every gadget at their disposal in their attempt to eliminate deskitty. All questions will be answered; all answers will be questioned!
Produced by ianiceboy

Condordes in The Vacuum Continuum
In a world of light panels and bite-sized gadgetry, deskitty (Freddie Prinze Jr.) discovers a doorway between this dimension and one with cooler sound effects. It makes cinema history. Simultaneously, ensuing (Queen Latifah) enlists a general-purpose hacked—jennmenchi (Jennifer Garner)—to hack things, mostly computers. Montages and spy music set the scene for a rollercoaster ride of a film with a deadly twist!
Produced by ianiceboy

-- Des
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