October 4th, 2005


(no subject)

While doing dishes tonight, I was thinking about how as "adults", we are generally expected to take responsibility for our actions. However, we are rarely, if ever, asked to take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings. Instead of accepting them as our own, we blame others, or we blame circumstance. ("Well, I'm only pissed at him because he cut me off in traffic!" So what? It's the anger that's causing you pain/suffering, not getting cut off.)

I thought some about my experiences growing up ... and about how I was taught the distinction between thoughts, feelings and actions.

This makes me wonder if such a distinction is at all useful, except perhaps at a superficial level. It seems to me that these are just different forms of intention. One can have an "impure" (whatever that means) thought which is just as damaging (to oneself or to others -- that distinction isn't important, either) as an impure action.

Thoughts? :)

-- Des