December 3rd, 2006

Devil Cat

My day in 30 seconds

Bummed around this morning until about 12:30, when I went over to dktiger's to hang out and help post her posters in her newly-remodelled room.

We hung out until about 17:30 or so, at which point it was time to head down to SLO for the furmeet. redstar918, darkone238, dktiger, panth, netolu, Bree, and Aaron (whom I haven't met before).

We went to Shin's for dinner, and despite them taking forever to get us seated, bring us our food, etc., they gave me eel and smoked (but raw) salmon. <3<3<3

The price was right too -- cheaper than Tsurugi's.

We had lots of fun (and a fair amount of booze -- hot sake <3), then went to Linnaea's for after-dinner sweets. I think I got panth and dktiger indoctrinated into the religion of Linnaea's Mexican Hot Chocolate. ;P

Now ... I'm tired (but still hyper, odd). Reading-then-sleeptime for me.

-- Des
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