January 16th, 2007



Thought a bit about how I'm going to meditate at FC while sharing a room with three other people.

I sat, I counted, I breathed. Some of the time, I even felt the breath as it passed into and out of my lungs. I also felt the itch in my right shoulder blade, the flickering of my eyelids as they attempted to close involuntarily.

More than once, I became lost in thought. I say "lost", because I know I was thinking, but I can't now remember what.

I am resisting judging this evening's session -- most of the thoughts and labels coming to mind are judgements about how "good" or "bad" the session was. But as I said when I first started, I'm not allowed to use those here. So, rather than giving voice to them, I think I'll just end the post.

-- Des