January 23rd, 2007

Devil Cat

Homesafe from FC

So... home safe from Further Confusion. I brought the Con Crud(tm) home with me, sadly. :-/

I had a good time. Met a few interesting new people, saw a lot of things I wanted to yiff (but didn't, for obvious reasons)... and took lots of pictures, which I will have to find some way of posting.

Didn't do too many panels, but did go to some parties, and saw some of the shows and things. Mostly used it as an opportunity to hang out with a few people (such as northing and WhitePaws) I don't usually see. I was more interested in FC for the people than the activities (though the shows certainly were funny).

Also spent some time in the dealer's room, and figured out that if I bring a camera with me to the dances and wander around with a look of intense concentration on my face, I can avoid being dragged onto the floor. ;)

It was a good vacation. I can't say I'm exactly ready to go back to work in the morning, but then ... would I ever be? ;)

If logistics are favorable, I think I will return next year. Of course ... who knows where I'll be by then. But I guess we'll see.

-- Des