February 27th, 2007


I hate IDEs

It's a damn good thing I've made a compulsive habit of saving every two minutes.

I've been trying to use Eclipse lately, because it has some semi-useful refactoring tools and it gives useful warnings that normal Java doesn't (like "unused local variable x"). But compared to Vim... it's a buggy piece of shit.

It crashes on me, or runs out of memory, at least a half-dozen times a day.

It'll be useful when the time comes to do the refactoring we need to do, but right now, for normal development ... I'm not sure its organizational features even save me as much time as I'm spending dealing with its crashes.

At least it's reasonably responsive ... though I should hope it would be on this machine.

Why the hell does it need 400MB RAM, anyway? :p

-- Des
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