March 12th, 2007


hmmm, it's been over a week now...

Nothing really of interest to report. Work continues as normal. What little social life I have continues as normal. Frisbee is still happening every Sunday. I didn't play much this weekend because my body decided it was going to be crampy instead of useful, and I know better than to try to argue.

It's been fucking hot here the past few days. Turned on the air conditioning for the first time today, ugh. I seem to have a fairly narrow range of tolerable temperatures, between roughly 16C and 24C. Anything else is either too hot or too cold. (It got up to 33C today down in SLO -- or 90ish for those of you still using medieval measuring systems. ;) )

Those of you who knew me last year might remember my A/C was half-broken. That is still the case. Rather than dealing with my landlady or trying to move, I'm going to explore buying more cooling.

Commissioned a conbadge from rileycostello, an image of which arrived via HTTP today. =P She did a really good job with it, I think -- so much so that I've turned it into an LJ icon. =3

I think I've been slipping into nihilism and apathy again, punctuated by short bursts of intense enthusiasm for something-or-other, which then evaporate as quickly as they came.

Need to work on that. Maybe tomorrow. =P

-- Des
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